The Wilson Preselector Gearbox - Armstrong Siddley Type. A book by Peter Banjo Meyer

The Complete Collection
1919 - 1960

The A4 landscape layout of this book enables large historic photos to be printed without going across the spine. The 318-page soft-covered book has been printed on high quality gloss paper.

Full data is provided for every Armstrong Siddeley model along with detailed descriptions, ID & chassis number information and data tables. In addition to the many full-colour photos, a significant number of historic black and white photos have also been included.


The 1.4Kg book can be posted within Australia for an additional $15

Overseas postage will differ from country to country and both air mail and slower sea mail (at about half the cost) options are available.

Contact the editor/producer - Hugh McMinn - for more details:

T: +61 2 6942 7495   F: +61 2 6942 7495   or by Email.

Author: Bradly, Robert Penn
Publisher: Self Published
ISBN: 978-0-646-92096-2
Format: Softbound (318pp)
Published: May 2014

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