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Prewar Armstrong Siddeley history page A Brief but “Moving” History  

In 1919 the Deasy Motor Company was purchased by Sir W.G Armstrong Whitworth and Co. and in May 1919 the Armstrong Siddeley brand was created. The Sphinx became the car's logo and mascot after a motoring reporter reportedly described the car as being "as silent and inscrutable as the Sphinx".
During the 1920s, the company produced a very popular four cylinder 14hp, an 18 hp and the 30hp car, this last vehicle being for the luxury market. 
During 1928 the preselector gearbox was offered for the first time. This revolutionised driving.  At that time virtually all cars had so-called crash gearboxes requiring considerable skill. In contrast a novice could operate a preselector gearbox.
Models offered during the 1930s included the 12hp,15hp,17hp, 20 hp, 20/25 hp models and the high performance 30hp five litre Siddeley Special. The 12hp and 15hp were side valve engines.All others were overhead valve.All except the 12hp were available in a variety of wheel bases making the cars suitable for a wide range of applications –everything from close coupled sports cars to ambulances!
Various bodies were available, some by in-house coachbuilder, Burlington, and others by independent coach builders, both in England and overseas. Many Armstrong Siddeley chassis were bodied here in Australia.
Armstrong Siddeley produced a fascinating range of cars and within the club we have an excellent selection .........

1925 14HP Burlington Bodies Armstrong Siddeley

Here is a 1925 14hp with body by Burlington, nearing the end of a painstaking restoration – note the ornate interior.

1926 15HP Armstrong Siddeley

An equally magnificent 1926 15hp, with body by Ruskin of Melbourne.

1929 20HP Armstrong Siddeley Many Armstrong  Siddeley cars had a V fronted radiator, such as that on this very original car, a one-family-owner, 1929 20hp, chassis number 44238, with body by Melbourne Body works


Pre war group of Armstrong Siddeley vehicles

From the 1930s Armstrong Siddeley had grills in front of the radiator. Here's a dark green 20hp, chassis number 45655, with body by Cresswell of Sydney

..... its bigger brother the long 20hp, with body by Burlington,

a smaller member of the family, a 12hp, with a body by Ruskin of Melbourne

and finally an attractive 17hp with a Burlington body.