ASCC Federal Rally #1 Wagga Wagga 1968

The first ever Federal Rally of the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club was held at Wagga Wagga and was organised by the Sydney Branch. It was the only Federal Rally attended by the then President, Rowland Bennett before his illness. Rally Headquarters was at the Sebel Townhouse and a motorkhana was held at the showgrounds. There were initially only six categories for concours entrants with two of those receiving no entrants.

Concours Results
Vintage Not awarded
Pre-war Not awarded
16/18HP 1951 Whitley C189723 - John Wooley
Sapphire Mk1 1953 4-light C340413 - Penn Bradly
Sapphire Mk2 1955 C344668 - Robert & Pauline Elliott
Star Sapphire 1960 330724 - Rolland Bennett

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