ASCC Federal Rally #12 Wagga Wagga 1979

The Victorian Branch organised the 1979 Rally. Paul Caro placed a 20HP radiator in line at the concours and attached a notice "WATCH THIS SPACE". Howard McCormick won the longest distance trophy by coming from Perth via Rockhampton as part of a round Australia trip by Sapphire, arriving with a burnt out piston. This incredible journey of just over 6,000 kilometers set a new record that still stands and is unlikely to be beaten. The People's Choice Trophy was introduced at this rally.

Concours Results
Vintage 1929 20HP 44838 - John Colbrook
Pre-war 1934 12HP 91320 - Anna Lees
16/18HP 1950 Whitley C189710 - Charles McCarron
Sapphire Mk1 1953 (4 light) C340413 - Peter Woodward
Sapphire Mk2 1955 C345577 - Harry Cooper
Sapphire 234/236 1957 236 C230459 - Helen Andrews
Star Sapphire 1060 330724 - John Link
Best restoration - first time presented 1950 Hurricane C189066 - Penn Bradly
Other Trophies Awarded
Longest distance travelled to rally Mk2 Sapphire C344540 - Howard McCormick
Hardluck Howard McCormick
People's choice 1950 Hurricane C189066 - Penn Bradly

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