ASCC Federal Rally #21 Thredbo 1988

The Thredbo Rally was organised by the Australian Capital Territory Branch and had the distinction of being the highest location for a Federal Rally so far. Participants had the opportunity to walk to the top of Mount Kosciusko (Australia's highest mountain). Peter Woodwards Whitley was bought into the dining room for the presentation dinner. Jack Straughan was a three-award winner in the concours and Cliff Grice was the inaugral winner of the Most Miles In A Year trophy.

Concours Results
Vintage 1927 14HP 26339 - Jack Straughan
Pre-war 1933 12HP 89833 - Ken Frost
16/18HP 1950 Station Coupe C188373 - Norm Murdoch
Sapphire Mk1 1954 C342542 - Garth Pennington
Sapphire Mk2 1956 C346045 - Andrew Christophersen
Sapphire 234/236 1956 236 C230253 - Graham Handley
Star Sapphire 1959 330158 - Penn Bradly
Best restoration - first time presented 1927 14HP 26339 - Jack Straughan
Other Trophies Awarded
Longest distance travelled to rally 1927 14HP 26339 - Jack Straughan
Hardluck Paul Caro
People's choice 1927 14HP 26339 - Jack Straughan
Presidents choice 1950 Station Coupe C188373 - Norn Murdoch
Most miles in a year Utility Coupe C188207 - Cliff Grice

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