ASCC Federal Rally #25 Toowoomba 1992

The 1992 Toowoomba rally was organised by the Queensland Branch. The star of the show was Pauline Elliott's 1949 Typhoon, which not only took out the 16/18HP and People's Choice trophies but also scored the highest points in the concours.

Concours Results
Vintage 1929 20HP 44351 - Paul Caro
Pre-war Not awarded
Station/Utility Coupe Station Coupe C187192 - Helen Andrews
16/18HP 1949 Typhoon C187047 - Pauline Elliott
Sapphire Mk1 1954 C343295 - Bill McIllroy
Sapphire Mk2 1955 C344290 - Darryl Urquhart
Sapphire 234/236 1957 236 C230541 - Rex Carrick
Star Sapphire 1959 330158 - Jack Straughan
Best restoration - first time presented 1953 Hurricane C1812910 - Grant Hickey
Other Trophies Awarded
Longest distance travelled to rally Star Sapphire 330154 - Alf Britton
Hardluck Andrew Hyden
People's choice 1949 Typhoon C1870479 - Pauline Elliott
Presidents choice 1953 Hurricane C1812910 - Grant Hickey
Most miles in a year 1949 Hurricane C187429 - David Liffen

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