ASCC Federal Rally #35 Jindabyne 2002

The Alpine rally, organized by the ACT Branch, was based at Horizons Resort on the shores of Lake Jindabyne – a fantastic venue that did us proud.  A 30 klm trip to Dalgety on the Sunday was farewelled by the Easter Bunny with chocolate eggs distributed in copious quantities.  Our destination, the Ag Barn, put on an amusing  show of farm animals and a marvelous lunch.

Concours Results
Vintage 14HP Sandown 25218 - John Graham
Pre-war Not awarded
Station/Utility Coupe Utility Coupe C188906 - Susan Hickey
16/18HP Not awarded
Sapphire Mk1 C340644 - Tony Hodges
Sapphire Mk2 C346882 - Stuart Daw
Sapphire 234/236 236 C230443 - Helen Andrews
Star Sapphire 330838 - Penn Bradly
Best Overall Sapphire Mk1 C340644 - Tony Hodges
Best restoration - first time presented 14HP Sandown 25218 - John Graham
Other Trophies Awarded
Longest distance travelled to rally Athol Duncan
Hardluck John Graham
People's choice Short 18 41094 - Warwick Gordon-Smith
Presidents choice Sapphire Mk1 C340421 - Jonathon Dalgliesh
Most miles in a year Sapphire Mk1 4L C340644 - Penn Bradly
Against all odds Allan Mack
Club Person of the Year
Fred & Trish Jones

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