Sid Armstrong's BLOG - January 26th 2012

Sid Armstrong, a proud member of the Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

Australia Day in Sydney

Helen's 236 Sapphire - the ASCC lone enty for the Sydney 2012 Australia Day Motorfest

Australia Day dawned dull and showery but I knew I would have an enjoyable day despite the weather as Helen Andrews very kindly invited me to travel in her gorgeous 236 Sapphire to take part in the 2012 Motorfest organised by the NRMA.  We arrived at the Domain car park at the early hour of 7:20 and enjoyed the customary sausage sizzle, all the while looking out for fellow AS members.  Alas, it was not to be and we were the sole representative of the marque for 2012. As we departed in the midst of a line of Chevrolets, I was reminded of the old song about a petunia and an onion patch as when parked in Macquarie St, we were a lonely little Siddeley in a Chevrolet patch.

All was not lost, as the 236 was much admired and was a worthy representative of the ASCC.  A number of Helen’s AS contacts came to say hello, including Hugh Boulter, Brian Watt’s brother and Michael Malgo, the son of the man from whom Helen bought the 236 over 40 years ago.

Once again, the Baby Sapphire proved itself as a tough everyday car unlike those delicate 18s and showy Sapphires.

Until my next outing....