18HP Stone Guard Rubbers (Rounded Type).
Part Numbers1640010/11

Armstrong Siddeley Petrol Filler Grommet (Part # 1610777)

Many years have passed since 18HP Stone Guard rubbers were available from AS Spares and we are pleased to announce that these items have now been re-manufactured and are now once again available to our members.

The guards now incorporate UV-protection and are supplied with fitting instructions.

Note that they are the rounded type and will only fit Whitleys, Utility/Station Coupes, late model Hurricanes and Lancasters fitted with the curved rear guard. They will NOT fit early Hurricanes/Typhoons and Whitleys as these models were fitted with slightly different shaped guards.

Members requiring stone guard rubbers will need to ascertain if their vehicle is fitted with the curved type of guard as even some late models have been known to have been fitted with the earlier type of guard.


$170.00 a pair