Stolen Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane

An Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane has been stolen from a locked garage in Greenmount, Western Australia and the owner has asked for our assistance in tracking it down. It has been stored in the garage since 1977 and the timeframe for the theft is around early August.

The Chassis number is C1811292 and the body number is H11455. The plastic ID plate from the bulkhead is in the owner's possession; the chassis number is of course engraved into the chassis. Most of the original woodwork would have had the body number chalked or scored on it somewhere. The owner has at this stage, misplaced the paperwork with the engine number. There are no photos of the vehicle available.

It is believed to be a 1951 (perhaps 1950) production vehicle. Although still having the PS lever on the steering column, had a 4 speed manual gearbox and not the original preselector box. Penn Bradly supplied two front seats to the previous owner, Chris Lawe-Davis back in the late 1960s.

The body colour at the moment is white (probably not the original colour).

The body has been partially stripped for restoration – bumpers, bonnet, grill etc, front seats and floor tray and instrument panel removed but these were still with the car. The radiator was removed and it was left behind, along with the front seats. Unfortunately, some kids got to it at one stage and ‘stripped’ some parts but it was mostly ‘all there’.

Please keep a look out for an advertisement in which someone is looking for parts to restore a Hurricane, or who has a Hurricane for sale.

The Western Australian Police have been alerted to the theft and are conducting an investigation.

For further information or to supply a lead on it's whereabouts, please contact Michael Hart on (08) 9453 9339 or send him an Email.