The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

South Australia Concours and Display Day

Sunday, 21st October 2018 10:30am - 3:30pm
Bennett's Memorial Reserve, North East Road, Hampstead Gardens

Our annual Display Day will be held

on 21st October, from 10:30am to

3pm, once again at Bennett’s

Memorial Reserve, North East Road,

Hampstead Gardens. Last year we

had a great turnout of vehicles ranging

from John Colebrook’s 1929 model

right up to the Sapphire and quite a few members of the

public stopped for a look over the

cars, which made for a great day

showing off the marque.

Bring a picnic lunch, bring friends and


Gavin and Julie Graetz have kindly

offered to provide a little something

special for dessert.

Please, Please!!! Make the effort to

attend this, our major event for the year, with your Armstrong Siddeley of course. If you have concerns about

getting your car to/from the event, we can arrange help.

Barbara Pennington (on 08-8341 8201) for more information.

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