Archived Classified Adverts

Although the classified ads below were originally posted more than 3 months ago on our main Classified Ads webpage, many of them are probably still "active".

Please advise the Club Webmaster as soon as your item is sold or if you discover that an item is no longer available.




Front units $210 each, $420 the pair. Rears $255 each, $510 the pair.

Mention this advertisement for 10% discount per pair, or 20% discount for the full set of four.

Freight to be passed-on at cost.

Enquiries to Ken Smith
T: (02) 6942 1197 / M: 0410 084 431





From the Estate of the Late Peter Mitchell

Strathallan Farm, Echuca, Victoria

***** PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE: 19th November 2015 !!!!

Family open to private offers prior to 'Clearance Sale'.

Enquiries to Garry Howarth
M: 0447 118 048



Price : $70 + postage


Enquiries to Brian Watt:
M: 0427 958 540


FOR SALE: 1927 A/S 14Hp Tourer - "The Old Girl" (AS 26264, Engine 15491) (SOLD)

Rebuilt between 2004 & 2008 by Grant Hickey. On Historic NSW plates (33411-H).

Has been on some short runs, but need some TLC and tinkering in a new home.

Reconditioned engine, gearbox & radiator. New tyres, professional duco, new upholstery, hood, side curtains and handmade hood bows. Handmade wooden battery box, tool box & steering wheel. Complete dashboard instruments, original handbook & copy of parts book.

Rebuild history in photos.

A car trailer is also available, if required, to purchase with the car, but will not be sold separately.

Price (14Hp): $7,500

Enquiries to Susan Hickey
H: (02) 4456 4111
M: 0404 448 286


FOR SALE: Power Steering bracket for Sapphire (SOLD)

An original cast brass bracket for the optional power steering pump fitted to late 346 Sapphires. This factory bracket held both the generator and the power steering pump.

Armstrong Siddeley 346 MK II for sale

PRICE: $130.00 plus postage.

Please phone Brian Watt 0427 95 8540



The following parts are required:

  • right hand wing
  • headlight with the Lucas name in the centre badge
  • spotlight/fog lamp
  • side light-that sits under the indicator light.

Price: Negotiable

If you are able to assist, please contact Jonathan Dalgliesh by email.


FOR SALE: Lucas C5 Generator

Brand new and still in its original LUCAS Box and packing.

Price: $250.00

Please phone Brian Watt 0427 95 8540


FOR SALE: Star Sapphire Dash Wiring Loom

This is the complete under dash loom for the Star.  NEW factory old stock in excellent order.

Price: $150.00

Please phone Brian Watt 0427 95 8540


FOR SALE: Star Sapphire Front Door Skins

A pair of  NEW factory old stock in perfect condition.

Price: $400.00 (pair)

Please phone Brian Watt on 0427 95 8540


FOR SALE: 16/18hp Crown Wheel and Pinion Set

Factory NEW old stock standard ration.

Price: $150.00

Please phone Brian Watt on 0427 95 8540


WANTED: An Armstrong Siddeley Star Sapphire

Must be in at least good going condition with reasonable (or better) body condition.

Price: Negotialble

Please phone Tony Brinkmann


FOR SALE: 346 MK. II    C 347580    E 347593

From the Estate of Peter Mitchell.
Body 25-1-6817. Synchromesh, single carburetter. Partially restored with considerable work already done on the chassis and body. All rust removed, proof coated and body painted. Many new spares were used in work done so far. Considerable re-assembly work needed to complete this project which (as can be seen from photos below) is well advanced. Planned colour scheme is Empire Maroon over Gazelle Fawn.

The car is located in Echuca, Victoria.

Armstrong Siddeley 346 MK II for sale

PRICE: $17,000.

Enquiries to Garry Howarth on 0447 11 8048.


FOR SALE: 1954 3.4 Litre

4-speed pre-selector gearbox. The car is in good condition.

Armstrong Siddeley 1954 3.4 Litre for sale

PRICE: $12,000.

The vehicle may be inspected at The Ginger Factory
50 Pioneer Road, Yandina QLD 4561
 between the hours of  9:00 am - 5:00 pm daily

Enquiries to (07) 5447 8431 or 0431 70 1653 or by email.


WANTED: 18HP MK II Spare Parts for the Hinkler Project

The following parts are needed:

  • Speedo
  • Oil pressure guage
  • A Lucas tail light

Price: Negotialble

Please email Tom Smethurst if you are able to assist.


FOR SALE: A 14/4 (14HP 4 cylinder) C 20290 E 15307

Broadway Saloon with a Burlington body. All jewellery included and in working order (Side and Head Lamps, clock etc). It has a 6 volt electrical system.

  • 3 spare motors
    Spare front and rear axel
    New water pump
    Reconditioned BTH magneto
    20 inch wheels

Photos are available on request. The car is in the Lockyer Valley, Qld.

Price: Negotiable. Enquiries to Wayne on 0435341080 or by email..


WANTED: 346 Sapphire Bootlid

I would appreciate help in finding a straight, rust free bootlid for a Sapphire to complete a rebuild.

If you have one surplus to your needs, please contact me.

Price: Negotialble

Please contact Brian Watt on 0427 95 8540 or by email.


WANTED: A Front Bumper and Brake Items for a MK I Sapphire

The front bumper MUST be in good condition.

I also need the parts necessary to convert the front brakes to MK II specification

  • Master cylinder
  • Backing plates
  • Wheel cylinders
  • Shoes & drum etc

Price: Negotialble

If you can help, please contact Alan Skofic on 0435 13 9106.


FOR SALE: 1950 Whitley (C188730)

Partly dismantled and incomplete. Missing engine, gearbox and front guards. Turret has been repaired and looks OK. It would probably be restorable or (less ideally) could be used for spare parts.

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

PRICE: Negotiable.

Enquiries to Krystal Griffiths on 0421 65 7594.


WANTED: An Armstrong Siddeley

This is a longshot and probably unrealistic but I'm looking for a car that can be used for Club runs and Displays like the All British Day. I'm not after a perfect car but a good car that's reliable and presentable. I have young children who travel with me so the car will need to have seat belts fitted (or be capable of having them fitted).

I have a budget limit of $6,000 so if you have a car that you would consider parting with for around that amount, please call me. I live in the Blue Mountains, West of Sydney.

Price: Up to $6,000

Enquiries to Alan on 0435 13 9106.


FOR SALE: 1949 Station Coupe

Comes with a large number of spare parts.

Car is in South Australia.

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

PRICE: $5,000.

Enquiries to John on 0411 11 5749.


FOR SALE: Star Sapphire Chassis

A bare, rust-free straight chassis is offered to someone who can really use it.

Price: FREE!

Enquiries to Brian Watt by email.


WANTED: 17" Whitley Dress Rings

Contact Graeme Murray on 0417 94 4378.


FOR SALE: 1953 Sapphire

Complete but in parts. Motor, upholstery and paint done a long time ago. Needs good deal of work. Unregistered.

The car is in Rockhampton, Queensland.

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

Any reasonable offers considered.

Enquiries to Paul Donaldson on mobile 0439 36 4401, by fax on (07) 4936 4401 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1950 Whitley

Complete - starts and runs. Paint work requires attention. Lower radiator hose leaking.
Inside in good condition. Unregistered.

The car is in Rockhampton, Queensland.

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

Any reasonable offers considered.

Enquiries to Paul Donaldson on mobile 0439 36 4401, by fax on (07) 4936 4401 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1956 Sapphire MK II LWB Limousine (C346440)

Pre-selector gearbox. Restored with full Queensland registration.

Queensland Governor's limousine 1956 - 1963.

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

PRICE: $19,000 Negotiable.

Enquiries to Don Keating by phone on (07) 3878 7296 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1955 MK II Sapphire (C344229)

Two-tone grey. New red leather trim with white piping. New woodwork. New shocks. Twin-carbs. Pre-selector gearbox.

$8,000 spent on attaining full Queensland registration.

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

PRICE: $19,000.

Enquiries to Roland Gautier by phone on (07) 3374 2283 or by email.


FOR SALE: Motoring Collection

With a move to the UK immanent, Bruce Lindsay has his collection of motoring books, scale models and sales brochures for sale. Please contact him for a free inventory. Many lots have already been sold so get in quick before they are all gone.

Price: Variable

Enquiries to Bruce by phone on (03) 6352 4246 or mobile 0402 54 1550 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1954 MK I Sapphire (C342542)

Corinthian Green. Fawn carpet. Green seats with white piping. Synchromesh.

1954 Armstrong Siddley MK ISapphire for sale

PRICE: $17,000.

Enquiries to Kevin Sadler by phone on (08) 9390 2697 or by email.


FOR SALE: Vintage 14hp Two Seater

Original handbook

Originally sold by dealer P.W. Barker of Lowesmoore, Worchester, U.K.

90% complete.


Enquiries to Ken Buckley by phone on (03) 9751 9362 or by email.


FOR SALE: Wobblestoppa

1952 Armstrong Siddley Whitley for sale

The Wobblestoppa is designed to restrict the annoying habit exhibited by 346 and Star engines of rocking excessively from side to side. Excessive movement can lead to expensive damage if a fan blade clips the radiator.

The Wobblestoppa can be fitted in just a few minutes. No drilling or cutting is needed.

Price: $100 plus postage.

Enquiries to Brian Watt on mobile 0427 95 8540 or by email .


FOR SALE: 1949 Station Coupe (C187906)

Full history from new. Older restoration. Drives well.

Currently on Queensland Club Registration (not transferable).

1955 Armstrong Siddeley Mark 2 Sapphire for sale

PRICE: $9,000 (Negotiable).

Enquiries to Bob McAdam on 0427 26 1238.


FOR SALE: 1950 Lancaster & Spare Engine (C188377)

The currently unregistered car is located in Queensland and has a pre-select Gearbox. The engine number is E 188326.

A spare engine (E 189216) is also available.

Price (for either or both) is open for offers.

Enquiries to Wayne Lander on 0435 34 1080.


FOR SALE: 1951 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley Parts

Remaining after our group rebuilt a complete car :

  • Chassis Frame (complete)
  • Main Body Panels
  • Bonnet
  • Mudguards
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Engine block
  • Crankshaft
  • Cylinder head
  • Axles (front and rear)
  • Wheels
  • Starter
  • Generator
  • and many more items - full list available by emailing David Rees.

Parts can be inspected and collected in Albany, West Australia.

Price: Negotiable.

Enquiries to Hugh on (08) 9842 2666 or by email.


Give Away or Swap Ute Parts

An old ute is currently being dismantled in preparation for a re-design and most parts (motor, gearbox, front end, diff, wheels & trims, front wheel arches, front bumper & skirt) have already been removed as they will not be needed for the new project.

A swap of all (or some) of the parts for a front badge and hood ornament would be ideal. Otherwise just come and take what you would like. Everything that's not needed will be dumped of nobody wants to have them.

All items are PICKUP ONLY from Coolamon (NSW).

Price: FREE!

Enquiries to Ash Carroll on mobile 0448 29 4723 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1955 MkII Sapphire Auto (C345556)

This car is located in Brisbane. Blue over cream, with blue leather interior. Stored for the last year, as I started some work that has not been completed and I now do not have the time to do the necessary work to get it back on the road. A lot of restoration work has been done with only minor details required to have a very nice car.

Asking $10,000 which is less than I spent on the interior. Price includes many spare parts, including motor, gearbox, diff, grille etc. Too many to list.

1955 Armstrong Siddley MKII automatic Sapphire for sale

1955 MK2 Armstron Siddley Sapphire for sale

Price: $10,000.

Enquiries to Brent Schon on 0409 00 1410.


FOR SALE: Brand New 5.25/5.5 x 17in Tyres

1952 Armstrong Siddley Whitley for sale

A set of five brand new Firestone tyres with 5 inner tubes. Sold as a set of 5 only.

Rims and hubcaps are also available at additional cost if required.

Located in Penrith, New South Wales.

Price: $1,000 (set of 5).

Enquiries to Ian Walker on mobile 0418 64 4663.


WANTED: 18HP Solid Tappets/Lifters

Alan needs a set of those noisy 18HP "solid tappets/lifters" as fitted to the last run og 1952 engines which replaced the hydraulic ones when those were no longer available.

Please contact Alan Jones on (02) 6035 9120 0438 AFTER HOURS.


FOR SALE: Sapphire 346 MkI (C341979)

In need of total restoration. 99% complete. $1,500.00.

Please contact Graham Carson on (03) 5728 7264.


WANTED: Fuel Cap for a 10HP Diesel

John is looking for a fuel cap for a 10hp diesel engine which is still in regular use on his farm. He has been unable to find another fuel cap that will fit and would really like to find an authentic brass one like the one that was lost.

Please contact John Anderson on mobile 0438 61 7008 or by email.


FOR SALE: 1950 18HP Lancaster 6-Light (C188377)

Chassis C188377 - Engine E188326 (ZP batch). Wilson pre-selector gearbox. Sold 18th September 1950 by British-Australain Motors, Brisbane.

Included in the sale are a service manual and a tool caddy with some whitworth & King Dick tools. Tyres are only 12 months old. New battery in October 2012. Currently on Queensland registration but it will be sold unregistered.

Also comes with a spare engine (E189216), new running board rubbers with 12 ends, sump plug remover, spare "AS 18" grille badge (grey) and an AA Members car badge.

1952 Armstrong Siddley Whitley for sale

"Lady Lancaster" is used as an everyday car on jobs such as school runs, a work car and bringing home the shopping. She has also been on some long runs, two National Rallies and has always performed well.

The car is in Gatton, Queensland.

Seeking $9,000 ONO.

Enquiries to Wayne Lander on mobile 0409 49 7869 or by Email.


WANTED: Grille & Tyres for a Ute

Looking for a 2 piece grille for an Armstrong Siddeley ute and any other parts that would be useful for a complete restoration.

A set of four tyres is also needed. They do not have to be in good condition as they will be used just to sit the ute on during restoration - as long as they hold air they will be OK.

Please contact Dick Bellingham on 0417 78 1092 or send him an email.


FOR SALE: 1953 Sapphire with rare 4-light Body

Needs total restoration but is 100% complete.

Engine and gearbox are out of the car.

Was owned by many years by Malcolm Elliott (former member).


Contact Scott Elliott on (03) 5145 1624 or (Mobile) 0419 15 9112 for further information.


FOR SALE: Station Coupe plus a ute-load of Parts.

Pickup from Bellbird (near Cessnock) New South Wales.

Please contact Karl (02) 4990 6408 or mobile 0418 86 8269.


FOR SALE: 1950 Whitley

Having had the car for the last 27 years, the owner would now like to sell it to an Armstrong Siddeley enthusiast.

Comes with a truck load of spares including 12 doors (front and rear), guards, rear quarter panels, suspension bits, diff, gearbox, engine block, etc.

The car is in Penrith, New South Wales.

1960 Armstrong Siddley Star Sapphire for sale in concours condition

Price Now reduced to $13,000.

Enquiries to Colin Towe on mobile 0412 29 6516 or contact David Towe by Email.


FREE Post-war Armstrong Siddeley Parts (pickup only)

Left over parts after Grant Hicky's many car rebuilds. They are in very poor / poor / fair condition but they may still be useful to someone.

Aluminium window frames for front doors.

1 pair quarter light frames, no glass (larger size).

2 window frames with quarter light frames, no glass (one frame missing one side edge).

1 quarter light frame with glass (smaller size).

1 window and quarter light frame, glass in quarter light only.

3 window frames, no glass (one pair has both top edges curved, one with top edge at right-angle.

Doors, bonnet & mudguards

4 doors with windows.

2 doors - no windows.

1 bonnet with Sphinx (utility) - has a dint on the nose/Sphinx.

2 front mudguards.

Pickup from NSW South Coast area for FREE!

Enquiries to Susan Hickey (02) 4456 4111 or by Email.


16HP Lancaster.

Complete car and extra body.

Many new parts including 5 tyres, wiring harness, brake hoses, complete set of rubber seals for doors and windows, hand brake cable, tie rod ends, V RS head gasket set.

Re-sleeved wheel cylinders and rubbers, machined brake drums & linigs to suit.

Newly chromed grille.

Selling as one lot $5,900.00

Enquiries to Richard Morgan 4443 6939.


FOR SALE: 1933 15HP (Chassis Number: 66709)

Armstrong Siddeley 1933 15 horsepower for sale

The engine and gearbox were reconditioned many years ago and soon after this the  car was taken off the road for other restoration work. As the photographs show, the remainder of the car needs restoration. Obviously we would like to see it stay in the club either with a current member or even better still with a new member who hasn't yet discovered the delights of pre-war Siddeley motoring!

Armstrong Siddeley 1933 pre war 15 HP car for sale


Email Ralph and Margaret Hickling for further information.


DISCOVERY: 1948-50 Station Ute.

A vintage car enthusiast who believes that you should never let a chance go by has discovered a 1948-50 station ute sitting in a paddock in Western NSW. Contact Laurie (details below) for more information.

Enquiries to Laurie Britton on 0429 85 8254 or by Email.


FOR SALE: 1955 Mk2 Sapphire (C345832)

Finished in black, with fine red line and red leather interior. Fitted with narrow type dress rings and wing mirrors. Original Hydramatic automatic gearbox and twin carburettors. The car was sold new in Brisbane and is a low milage example in excellent condition throughout.

Chassis number: C345832
Engine number: E345815
Body number: 25-1-5488

Comes complete with maintenance manual, workshop manual and spare parts list. Tool kit is complete.

for sale - Armstrong Siddeley MK 2 sapphire - low mileage excellent condition

hydramatic automatic Armstrong Siddeley MK II sapphire for sale


$27,000 ONO.

Enquiries to Bill Landy: (03) 5127 5450.


FOR SALE: 1950 Typhoon (C187109 / E187211)

This Typhoon is one of the last sixteen made, of which just four are known - another one in Australia and two in the UK. Robert Penn Bradly, I am sure, would explain the Typhoon's history much better than I. Penn has been very helpful in finding missing parts.

Condition of the Typhoon is BAD. Chassis requires welding in the normal places; sills need welding along with the body shell; original engine is in bits; spare block with car; preselect gearbox in one bit; back axle complete; roof removed from car; needs wood frame; doors complete; glass complete with some spares; dashboard with instruments; missing clock; good steering wheel; missing one front seat; front hubs removed from car; brakes complete but need work.

I would say the car is 90% complete but requires a lot of hard work by the new owner. Too many spare parts to list - three rear wings, four front wings, spare suspension and steering bits. A PDF file with photos of most of the items is available for perusal.

You will need a good car trailer and at least one tray-top ute plus two strong people to pick it all up. The car is in Western Australia.

My circumstances have changed over the last six months - hence the sale.

Any Typhoon is a rare car and this being one of just sixteen, even more so.

$1,000 (Firm).

Enquiries to Bob Webber: by phone on (08) 9727 2489 or by Email.


FOR SALE: 1960 Star Sapphire (330838)

Ex Penn Bradly, ex John Link. Currently the best Star available in Australia (very late model). Due to the onset of age, it's time to pass on this beautiful, well known car. It has had the Penn Bradly treatment and in the past year has been bought up to Victorian roadworthy condition. The brakes have been upgraded to a split power system, we have extensively overhauled the electrical system and carried out all necessary mechanical work to stop oil leaks in the engine.

1960 Armstrong Siddley Star Sapphire for sale in concours condition

It drives and handles like a Star should.
Automatic, power steering, log book, history etc.
Concours condition.

Best offer over $45,000 will be accepted.

Enquiries to John Link on mobile 0419 36 1237 or phone him at home on (03) 9391 2970.


FOR SALE: 1948 Typhoon

This 16HP Typhoon has been dry stored out of direct sunlight in Southern NSW for many years. Car is complete and is very straight and rust free. Needs attention to a number of items to bring it to serviceable condition. Sold new in Brisbane by British & Australian Motors. Chassis C165765, Engine E165778, Body T3364. Comes with a spare donor Lancaster which has some usable parts.

1948 Armstrong Siddley 14HP Typhoon for sale

PRICE REDUCED to $12,500 for both vehicles.

Enquiries to Charles McCarron: 0428 44 1105.


FOR SALE: Vintage 14HP Parts.

  • Wheels
  • Radiator Shells
  • Front & rear axels
  • Many miscellaneous parts

Open to all resonable offers. Parts are located in Mount Gambia, SA.

Email Bob Byham or contact him on (08) 8725 7003 for further info or to make an offer.


1953 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire for sale


1953 Sapphire (CH340041)

$25,000 ONO

Contact Andrew Hyden by phone on
(02) 9489 3936 or send him an Email.
  • Pre-selector gearbox.
  • Delivered to Mr D. F. Walker of Armidale in July 1953. Since 1956, the car has been garaged in Sydney and has a long association with the Club.
  • A complete professional restoration concluded in the early 1980s has been followed by careful and limited use during the intervening years.
  • Mk2 dash, front retractable and rear seat belts, turn indicators and Michelin radial tyres all round.
  • Comes with a complete tool kit, workshop manual and owner's handbook.
  • The car is now on Historic Registration.

FOR SALE: 1950 Station Coupe (C188576).

1950 Armstrong Siddeley Station Coupe for sale

  • Dismantled but complete
  • Receipts and papers from all owners
  • Original handbooks
  • Original Victorian registration plates TJ 922 with sale if wanted

Only $1,000 - must sell due to relocation!
Ring Peter Tibb on (03) 5684 1378 for more details.