The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

ASCC Federal Rally #16 Canberra 1983

This was the first Rally organised by the Australian Capital Tterritory Branch and it attracted the biggest contingent of cars for many years. The Rally was centered on University House which also served as the venue for the evening functions. The concours was held at Commonwealth Park.

Concours Results

Vintage 1924 14HP 17013 - Athol Todd
Pre-war 1935 Siddeley Special SS3418 - Penn Bradly
16/18HP 1950 Hurricane C189066 - Penn Bradly
Sapphire Mk1 1954 C342542 - Garth Pennington
Sapphire Mk2 1956 C346337 - Andy Jackson
Sapphire 234/236 1956 236 C230253 - David Armstrong
Star Sapphire 1959 330158 - Penn Bradly
Best restoration - first time presented Star Sapphire 330158 - Penn Bradly

Other Trophies Awarded

Longest distance travelled to rally Athol Duncan
Hardluck Peter Woodwood
People's choice 1924 14HP 17013 - Athol Todd
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