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ASCC Federal Rally #42 Bathurst 2009

The Conrod Straight rally was organized by the NSW Branch and held adjacent to the famous Mt Panorama racetrack at Bathurst. We stayed at the Goldfields Motel complex which consisted of motel rooms, cottages, common rooms and bar, a goldfields village and observatory all set on some 20 acres on top of Mt Panorama. Highlights of the rally were the concours held at historic Abercrombie House, hosted by the owner Chris Morgan and his family (and an inspection of their collection of some 27 Austin Sheerlines!), many a blast around the racetrack including a night circumnavigation to the Presentation Dinner at the Mount Restaurant on the other side of the racetrack, lunch at the historic town of Millthorpe and a fascinating few evening hours in the freezing conditions of the observatory staring out into space. Selwyn Allen became another triple-award recipient for his Sapphire Mk2 LWB Hearse.

Concours Results

Vintage Short 18 Tourer 41094 - Warwick Gordon-Smith
Pre-war Not awarded
Station/Utility Coupe Station Coupe C1811613 - John Graham
16/18HP Hurricane C189051 - Peter Hills
Sapphire Mk1 C342048 - John Purcell
Sapphire Mk2 C345129 - Selwyn Allen
Sapphire 234/236 Not awarded
Star Sapphire 330858 - David Whittern
Best Overall Station Coupe C1811613 - John Graham
Best restoration - first time presented Sapphire Mk2 LWB Hearse L347362 - Selwyn Allen
Ron Beer memorial trophy Peter Hills

Other Trophies Awarded

Longest distance travelled to rally Doug & Heather Stewart
Hardluck Selwyn Allen
People's choice Sapphire Mk2 C345129 - Selwyn Allen
Presidents choice Hurricane C1812910 - Richard Purdy
Most miles in a year Sapphire Mk1 C340421 - Graham & Pauline Carson
Against all odds Not awarded

Club Person of the Year

  Not awarded
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