The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

ASCC Federal Rally #4 Cooma 1971

The rally was organised by the Newcastle Branch. A new perpetual tropy for the person who travelled the Longest Distance to attend the rally was awarded to Robert Woods who came from Port Moresby. His car was garaged at Wellington NSW and he drove from Wellington to Cooma via Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide on an Australian touring holiday of some 4,200 kilometers - a remarkable journey. Alan Mason was presented with a tow rope by the local vintage club as his Sapphire had disgraced itself after leaving Newcastle.

Concours Results

Vintage 1929 20HP 44351 - Paul Caro
Pre-war Not awarded
16/18HP 1950 Lancaster C188532 - Penn Bradly
Sapphire Mk1 1954 C341457 - Selwyn Allen
Sapphire Mk2 1955 C344668 - Robert & Pauline Elliott
Star Sapphire 1960 330735 - Ron Bradman

Other Trophies Awarded

Longest distance travelled to rally Mk1 Sapphire C341798 - Robert Woods
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