The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

ASCC Federal Rally #7 Melbourne 1974

The 1974 Federal Rally was transferred from Shepparton to Melbourne because of an outbreak of encephalitis in northern Victoria. This year was the first occasion on which it rained at a Federal Rally. The rally can be best summed up in the following quote from Chas Stone; "Things I liked were Olinda, the steak, the motel (no diet), the dance, winning a cup, the gymkhana, the bell birds, the other birds and the Cameron familys' music." A new Hardluck tropy was introduced this year with the inaugural winner being Bill Lyford.

Concours Results

Vintage 1929 20HP 44351 - Paul Caro
Pre-war 1934 12HP 91320 - Anna Lees
Station/Utility Coupe Not awarded
16/18HP Whitley C198170 - Arthur Ackling
Sapphire Mk1 C341996 - Charles Stone
Sapphire Mk2 C344999 - John Link
Sapphire 234/236 Not awarded
Star Sapphire 330724 - Arthur Ackling

Other Trophies Awarded

Longest distance travelled to rally Dennis Beasley
Hardluck Bill Lyford
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