The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia

ASCC Federal Rally #6 Swan Hill 1973

Organised by the South Australian Branch, the Swan Hill rally had the biggest attendance of any rally so far. The Sapphire 234/236 Trophy donated by Bob Elliott & Peter Hills was presented for the first time and was won by Penn Bradly in a 1957 Sapphire 234.

Concours Results

Vintage 1925 14HP 19187 - Graham Knott
Pre-war 1934 20HP 46577 - Harry Lowden
16/18HP Whitley C189170 - Arthur Ackling
Sapphire Mk1 C342000 - Alan Purss
Sapphire Mk2 C345106 - Ewan Cameron
Sapphire 234/236 1957 234 C4230454 - Penn Bradly
Star Sapphire 330685 - Robert Pragnell

Other Trophies Awarded

Longest distance travelled to rally 1950 Whitley - Arthur Ackling
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