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ASSA,    Besides stocking most rubber sections for post-war AS models, we also stock those hard to find items such as petrol
filler grommets, boot trough drain elbow rubbers for 346/234/236 models, rubber pads under 346/Star front guard side lights,
rubber pads for base of Lucas wing mirrors, radiator side mounting blocks for 346/Star models. 
Get you home boxes comprising ignition items, radiator hoses and fan belts are also available.

Technical Books by RP Bradly:  ASSA holds copies of Technical 1 and Technical 3 for Members to purchase.  These are a must
for any AS owner and are full of a lifetime\'s experience in restoring and maintaining AS vehicles.  Copies of Technical 1 are $40
each and Technical 3 are $60 each.  
There are also CD versions of various workshop manuals available at very low cost.

Contact our Spares Manager:   Geoff Tuckwell:

See our:  Spare Parts Policy

Parts for sale

Badges and Decals (10 items)

Brake Parts (13 items)

Electrical Parts (13 items)

Engine and Mountings (44 items)

Get you home' boxes (4 items)

Miscellaneous (14 items)

Publications (reproduction) (34 items)

Rubber Sections (70 items)

Suspension (17 items)

Technical Sheets (13 items)

Tools (reprodution) (8 items)

Vintage Information (2 items)

Spares policy and procedures

View our Spares policy and procedures

Purchase our spare parts

If you're interested in purchasing any of our parts, contact our Club.

The Armstrong Siddeley Car Club of Australia
Armstrong Siddeley Car Club, PO Box 699, FRESHWATER NSW 2096
Phone Rowan Fitzpatricke, President, 0404 032 113
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