Requests for additional photos
One of our members who had advertised an AS badge for sale was contacted by someone named SMITH LODGE PAUL ( who expressed interest in the item for sale and asked for additional photos. 

As the ad had only been advertised in the Southern Sphinx and on this webpage, It seemed legit so he was sent the extra photos. Our member got a reply which was extremely fishy – he wanted to pay with a certified cheque, use a courier to pick up the item and he was not willing to give an address or any contact info. In addition he also offered more money than the sellerI was asking for the item.

Our member did not proceed with the sale, went to Google for a search of the email address and up he came ...... what a con artist!

He mainly targets people selling cars and/or accessories, asks for additional info and pictures and then posts his own ad (typically on eBay or another similar website) using the pics and info which makes his (fake) ad look like the real deal. People pay him for an item he doesn’t have and he then closes his eBay or Paypal a/c or whatever and they never see their money again.

So here's a heads-up that he may use the photos and information of an AS badge to try to catch someone from the AS fraternity.

He now has a fellow scammer who uses as his email address and who has requested extra photos of one of our cars for sale.

Paypal / Bank Account Scams
There are various scams online which involve using PayPal and Bank accounts to fleece sellers and buyers using a supposedly independent pickup agent to collect your car.  Fees paid by the seller to this person's account are actually taken by the scammer who has no intention of ever picking up the car.


  • If the buyer wants to communicate by Email only, be suspicious.
  • If you get an immediate offer to buy the item sight unseen, be suspicious.
  • Don't reveal your Street Address, PayPal, Bank or other details until you have spoken to the person directly and they give you their personal details.