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The WO Bentley Link

Sunday, 18th November 2018 9:00am - 5:00pm
Barossa Valley

November 18th – Aston Martin and Bentley Drivers Clubs Event

We have been invited by the Aston Martin Owners Club and the Bentley Drivers Club to display a couple of

Armstrong Siddeleys (1950 to 1960 models) as part of their event celebrating the link between these

marques. The drive starts at Prince Alfred College and proceeds to the Barossa for lunch and a display. Please

contact Andrew (83708115) or Terry Jones, details below, if you are interested in attending.

“The primary link lies in the fact that WO Bentley (who started the Bentley marque in 1919. I

understand the same year that Armstrong Siddeley started?) left Bentley Motors after Rolls Royce

bought it and joined Lagonda in 1935. While in their employ, he designed an engine that attracted the

interest of David Brown. David Brown had already bought Aston Martin (in early 1947) and he wanted

the engine to power his new AMs and so he bought Lagonda in late 1947. WO did not remain with the

company but instead he joined Armstrong Siddeley and I understand had a hand in designing the

Sapphire (though I am far from certain of this).

The event also celebrates the connection between WO Bentley and South Australia via WOs

grandfather (TG Waterhouse) who emigrated from the UK in 1840 and who made a fortune in

Adelaide. This money was to fund WO’s education and purchase of his 1st foray into motor vehicle

sales (the DFP franchise).

I would like one or two Armstrong Siddeley’s (preferably ones made while WO was employed there) to

join the Astons, Bentleys and Lagondas at the event.
My preferred email address

is Phone 0414468551

Terry Jones”

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