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For Sale: 12hp sedan


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Listed for a non-member, Grant has for sale two 1932 12hp sedans (the same as the one pictured here with Charles Kingsford- Smith) that are largely dismantled - they are in the same condition as when he acquired them.

The first car was an unfinished project (from a deceased estate) that had significant work done to the chassis and engine machining, however not re-assembled (thus the work is somewhat redundant). It came with a load of spares - in effect another wrecked car worth of spares.

The second car was rescued from a hot-rodder who was starting to destroy a very good car, and his family staged an intervention and stopped him. It too came with a load of spares.

Grant also collected a 1935 12hp wreck that had gone to ground having been trampled by some cattle in a yard.

Grant says there are definitely enough good parts to build two complete cars.

All the parts have been dry stored on racks in his shed since he acquired them. He tells us that all of the woodwork, trims & interior pieces are still in very good order and many very usable and/or restorable. Grant tells us that he doesn't have the time or strength left in him to finish his Buick projects and the AS 12's, so sadly they have to go (to make space for his Buick bits). He is realistic on a price and says that "it would be nice to get my money back as some reward for the cars safe-keeping over the years".

South East Queensland QLD

Grant Smith
0417 626 010

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