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Competition results: Concours d'Elegance - 1979 Wagga Wagga

Monday, 1st January 1979 at Wagga Wagga NSW.

Competition categoryOwner/DriverCarPositionResulting timeNotes
VintageJohn Colbrook1929 20HP1
PreWarRussell Lees1934 12HP Saloon1SS3418
16/18HPCharles McCarron1950 Armstrong Siddeley Whitley1C189170
Sapphire Mk1Peter Woodward1C340413
Sapphire Mk2Harry Cooper1955 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Mk 21C345577
Sapphire 234/236Helen Andrews236 (1957)1C230459
Star SapphireJohn Link1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star1330724
Longest Distance Travelled to RallyHoward McCormickSapphire MK II1Howard McCormick once again took on the long-distance challenge. Leaving Perth in his Mk2 Sapphire, he first travelled to Rockhampton in Queensland before turning right and travelling South to Wagga Wagga. This incredible tour of just over 6,000 kilometres easily eclipsed his previous two efforts by some 3,000 kilometres, setting a new distance record that has still has not been (and is unlikely to be) beaten. Howards hat-trick of Longest Distance Travelled to the Event awards is an outstanding achievement.
Hardluck & PerserveranceEvan Wright1
Best Restoration First Time PresentedPenn Bradly1950 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane1C189066
People's ChoicePenn Bradly1950 Armstrong Siddeley Hurricane1C189066
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