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Competition results: Concours d'Elegance - 1981 Barossa Valley

Thursday, 1st January 1981 at Barossa Valley SA.

Competition categoryOwner/DriverCarPositionResulting timeNotes
16/18HPCharles McCarronWhitley1C189710
Sapphire Mk1Martin Keain1C342772
Sapphire Mk2Harry Cooper1955 Armstrong Siddeley Sapphire Mk 21C345577
Sapphire 234/236David Armstrong1956 Armstrong Siddeley 2361C230253
Star SapphireChris Storch1960 Armstrong Siddeley Star1330732
Longest Distance Travelled to RallyAlan ShellabearSapphire MK II1With three out of the last four Longest Distance Trophies won by Perth-based attendees (and losing out last year to some South Australians), it was time for another Perth attempt to win the trophy. Alan Shellabear drove his 346 Mk2 Sapphire Limousine 2,500 kilometres from Perth to the Barossa Valley to attend the event - recapturing the trophy for Western Australia.
Hardluck & PerserveranceJohn & Alison Colbrook1
Best Restoration First Time PresentedDavid Armstrong1956 Armstrong Siddeley 2361C230253
People's ChoiceAlan ShellabearSapphire 346 MK II Limousine1L346492
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